THE DOG BOX | Starter Kit 4 Plumbers

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R3,500.00 R1,995.00



The Dog Box for plumbers is a tool kit specifically designed for plumbers by Top Dog Tool Shop. We believe that every tradesman deserves to work with the best tools. The Dog Box is a starter kit with the essentials for a plumber. We have negotiated each component down to the bone to offer this affordable kit.

THE DOG BOX contains:

  1. Red Rothenberger Branded Eco Carry Case with foam inserts
  2. 1 x 10″ Rothenberger Eco waterpump plier
  3. 1 x 42mm Rothenberger Eco copper tube cutter
  4. 1 x Rothenberger ROFIRE soldering torch
  5. 1 x Rothenberger branded lighter
  6. 1 x Rothenberger manhole key
  7. 1 x Rothenberger 5 meter measuring tape
  8. 1 x Rothenberger Euroline 6 piece screwdriver set
  9. 1 x Rothenberger 10″ heavy duty bobbejaan wrench



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