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Welcome to Top Dog Tool Shop. Our business is a special place – It’s a place where we genuinely love awesome tools. We’re also really really focused on our customers. Top Dog Tool Shop is a partner that sells tools that make their owners money. As our owner Dean often says, “We don’t just sell professional tools, we home them.”

Top Dog Tool Shop boasts a solid tool pedigree with Dean having served as the Marketing Manager of Festool and the MD of Rothenberger for many years. We also have team members that have worked for DeWalt, Makita and Metabo.

Top Dog Tool Shop was a silly idea in 2015. The idea was contrary to popular belief at the time – professional tools could be sold successfully online in Africa. Deans belief was that not only could they be sold, but an online sale could provide more value to its purchaser through access to real tool experts and solid advice instantly, great price points and speed at which the professional tool and required accessories gets to its owner.

The online arena is new to South Africa and lack of trust still prevails. We are proud of the work we’ve done to win the hearts of our many customers over the last few years. We have been very careful in selecting the partners we work with as quality, tool availability, speed of delivery and alignment of values and customer service are critical to our proposition.

We will continue to slowly and carefully add tool  partners that fit the Top Dog Mould. We have a depth of brand philosophy as opposed to a breadth of basket philosophy. We will always have less brands than other shops, but we will always do every brand we represent at 100%

We appreciate that buying a professional tool or machine is an expensive exercise and needs to be done carefully to ensure the investment is good and right. That’s why we make ourselves completely available all the time to connect with you. We’re available via a call, whatsapp, sms, or email all the time.

We also love coming out into the field if possible to demo and train on our tools.One of our values is speed – The tools we sell are required to do a job and they need to get to their operator fast. We distribute nationally and cross-border into Africa. We will usually have your purchase to your doorstep in 24 to 72 hours anywhere in South Africa (If your tool is in our warehouse of course). If we can’t, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Thank you for your visit. We appreciate your time and we always look forward to being of service to you.

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