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At Coast USA, durability is the name of the game. COAST tools are manufactured to stand up to constant use in the most extreme work and recreation environments. Coasts flashlights are constructed with top-grade aluminium, stainless steel, and poly-nylon on the outside with custom-designed battery cartridges and heavy-duty O-rings on the inside. Coasts knife blades are constructed with high-carbon stainless steels toughened to the core by treatment with extreme heat and severe cold. Knife handles come in four materials: G10 (a specialized composite made from layers of fibrous material and resin compressed under extreme pressure), aluminium, nylon with fiberglass fill, and natural wood impregnated with high-strength resin.

It doesn’t count if you can’t count on it every time. Coast’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce lights, knives, and multi-tools with technical specs consistent down to the micron. That’s the only way for people working in the most hazardous, high-stakes jobs—from law enforcement to chemical manufacturing—to be sure their device will perform exactly the same every time. We guarantee Coast products for life.

If you’re looking for the finest globally in LED flashlights, headlamps, multi-tools & knives, experience Coast Portland.

Top Dog Tool Shop – Your Coast Portland Partner for life.

The Coast Story


That’s how Coast meets real-world work problems with smart, durable answers. When Henry W. Brands, the founder, first talked to fisherman and dockworkers, he discovered they had a problem to solve. So he went home and designed the answer: a sharper, more durable fillet knife suited specifically to the job. That’s still how Coast does it today – whether it’s a headlamp worn on the oil rig or a flashlight carried by law enforcement.

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