Question 1:
An Annular Cutter Bit is used to drill through
a: Wood
b: Metals
c: Masonry
d: Concrete
Correct Answer:
Question 2:
Who manufactures Festool Systainers
a: Elite
b: Kistenber
c: Stahlwille
d: Tanos
Correct Answer:
Question 3:
Pony Jorgenssen was started by
a: An opera singer
b: A Trapeze Artist
c: A Professional Horse Rider
d: An Amateur Wood Worker
Correct Answer:
An opera singer
Question 4:
Sawstop has recorded how many finger saves
a: 500
b: 10000
c: 6000
d: 27000
Correct Answer:
Question 5:
Miter gauges are used to
a: hold workpieces at a preset angle
b: Glue two pieces of wood together
c: Stabilise a Mitre Saw on a surface
d: Sand a piece of wood to a preset angle
Correct Answer:
hold workpieces at a preset angle

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