CONEX BANNINGER | >B< MaxiPro Bend 90⁰

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>B< MaxiPro 90° Bend 

An innovative press system suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

FLAME-FREE: Flame-free installation avoids the need for a hot work permit and the risk of fire on site.

NO NITROGEN PURGE: >B< MaxiPro is a mechanical joint, thus eliminating the need for nitrogen purge during the jointing process.

LOWER INSTALLED COST: A professional fitting which is quick and simple to install, saving time and money.

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY, IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY: Work may be completed during working hours / public access, by a single employee.

SITE ACCESS: Easy access to work sites, no gas bottles required.

QUALITY DESIGNED IN: Reliable, repeatable, permanent, tamper-proof connections every time.

3-POINT PRESS: Three press points, one each side of the bead, and one press compressing the O-ring. This provides a permanent and secure joint.

FIELD PROVEN: Press-fit technology, field proven over 20 years and millions of installed fittings worldwide.

GUARANTEE: When professionally installed by a trained and certified >B< MaxiPro installer, >B< MaxiPro is covered by a five year extended guarantee. Please refer to full terms and conditions, see Technical Document section 18.0

TOOLING CONCEPT: We recommend using tried and tested ROTHENBERGER tools and jaws.


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1/4 x 90D, 3/8 x 90D, 1/2 x 90D, 5/8 x 90D, 3/4 x 90D, 7/8 x 90D, 1 x 90D, 1 1/8 x 90D


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