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Small tool for delicate tasks.

Extremely versatile. Extremely precise. Extremely easy to handle: Whether guided freely or on the guide rail, the OF 1010 router is the ideal one-handed device. Thanks to its size and low weight it can be guided along edges, lines or curves with just one hand. For routing profiles, grooves, rebates and dovetail joints – the OF 1010 impresses with a wide variety of technical solutions.

  • Outstanding ergonomics and low weight
  • Spindle stop for easy cutter changes
  • Routing depth adjustment to 1/10 mm
  • Quick-acting brake for improved safety (OF 1010 EBQ)
  • MMC electronics for adaptation to the working material and temperature monitoring
  • Chip extractor integrated into the router base-plate

Main applications

  • Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges
  • Recessing metal fittings
  • Grooving rear panels, recessing dovetail batons or routing plasterboard with the guide system (edging technology)
  • Producing rows of holes in cabinets using the hole series system LR 32
  • Fashioning wooden joints with the VS 600

Additional information

Power consumption

1 010 W

Idle engine speed

10 000 – 24 000 min⁻¹

Collet dia.

6.35 mm

Routing stroke

55,00 mm

Routing depth fine adjustment range

8,00 mm

Bench opening

50,00 mm

Dust extraction connection dia.

27 mm


2,70 kg

Product Video

Product Highlights

Achieve ideal results more quickly:

The routing depth can be adjusted to the nearest tenth of a millimetre in seconds without reworking.

Convenient and safe:

Compact and lightweight, the OF 1010 can be guided precisely along edges, lines or curves with one hand.

Systems get it done:

Can be expanded in a number of ways with a router system, template system, hole drilling system and jointing system. A cleaner, healthier working environment with Festool mobile dust extractors.

Product Details

Precise fine adjustment

The OF 1010 has a precise depth adjuster. The routing depth can be finely adjusted accurate to a tenth of a millimetre quickly using the dial.

Central column clamping

Lower and clamp without having to take your hands off the machine. It could not be easier.

One handle for everything

The ergonomic handle is a significant advantage of the OF 1010. Switching on, plunge cutting, routing, lifting out – everything can be done with one hand.

Clean and healthy work

For an unobstructed view of the workpiece and a healthy working environment, the OF 1010 has an integrated extractor connector. Simply connect a mobile dust extractor from Festool for clean work.

99% dust extraction

The unique chip deflector ensures efficient dust extraction and guarantees maximum suction power when routing edges in combination with the dust extraction attachment and a Festool mobile dust extractor.

Without tipping over

The OF 1010 is fitted with a support to prevent the router from tipping over when used with the guide rail. As a result, it stays in the groove and produces the desired result.

For copying

Work-pieces can be copied quickly using the angle arm. The arm runs along the profile of the original workpiece and this profile is then transferred to the workpiece being processed using the router.

Thanks to the plug-it system, the device can be changed quickly – directly via the cable and not via the socket or extractor: One cable for all devices. And even if the cable breaks, it can be replaced quickly without any problems.

Quick-acting brake

The quick stop brake ensures optimal safety when routing and the OF 1010 comes to a stop in seconds.

Items Included & Packaging

  1. chip deflector
  2. guide rail FS 800/2
  3. guide rail adapter
  4. 6.35mm diameter clamping collet
  5. open ended spanner WAF 19
  6. side stop


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