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Multifunctional drill gauge for dowel joints and rows of shelf support holes.

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Dowelling Jig

  • for drilling doweled connections, rows of boreholes in shelves & cupboards as well as hinges & fittings in furniture construction
  • for the dowelling of boards with a length of up to 600 mm in one clamping position and a thickness of 12 – 40 mm
  • with exchangeable drilling bushes of Ø 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm
  • standardized bore pitch of 32 mm
  • packaging: covering box

Product description

With the multifunction dowelling jig you are ready for numerous woodworking and furniture-making projects. The clever helper provides reliable assistance when making exact corner butt and T-butt joints. It enables shelf support holes in the 32 mm grid dimension commonly used in carpentry and the precise positioning of drill holes for hinges and fittings. You can also use the high-quality product as a guide rail when drawing, cutting, sawing and milling. The dowelling jig consists of a high-quality guide rail with lock-in holes spaced 32 mm apart. You insert the drill slide, which you can equip with a 5, 6, 8 or 10 mm bush, into these holes. This lets you make rows of dowel holes and shelf support holes spaced 32 mm apart. You set the distance from the holes to the edge of the board using the angle stops, which are inserted under the profile. Distances of 12-40 mm are possible here. The side stops enable you to precisely set the beginning and end of the row of dowel holes. Face drill holes and edge-to-edge joints Start by marking all board edges with the carpenter’s triangle, which will help you to position the dowelling jig on the right edge later. Position the dowel aid in the middle of the board to determine the position of the side stops. Next adjust the stop, select the correct drill bush for the dowel pin and insert it into the drill slide from underneath. Then slide it into the slot in the aluminium bar. Use a depth stop to limit the drilling depth. Corner butt joints To make a corner butt joint, clamp the board vertically on the workbench. Place the dowelling jig on the edge of the board, making sure that the lateral stop is touching the board edge with the carpenter’s triangle. Then secure the dowelling jig using two one-hand clamps. Drill the first hole, noting the position on the scale for orientation for the other drill holes. Then allow the drill slide to engage in every third hole, secure it and drill.


versatile in use as a dowel template for edge-to-edge, corner butt and T-butt joints or shelf support holes
acts as a guide rail for drawing, cutting, sawing and milling for precise results
adjustable stop for use on boards with a thickness of 12-40 mm
exchangeable bushes for drill holes with Ø 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm
moveable drill slide for fast and precise drilling of a series of holes
integrated row of holes for 32 mm grid dimension commonly used in carpentry
two integrated scales simplify precise alignment and positioning
lateral stop for precise alignment with the workpiece

Technical data

product width 87 mm
product length 670 mm

tool area for boards up to 600 mm long and with a thickness of 12-40 mm


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