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Festool has become synonymous with Premium quality, innovation and accuracy. Festool has been creating systems that make a craftsman’s life easy and accurate in a workspace that remains clean and dust free – For almost 100 years! If Festool can’t be the best at something, they don’t bother. While some look at the price tag of purchase, Festool owners and enthusiasts would argue due to life span of product, accuracy, quality of output, invaluable innovation and health benefits of using the brand make it the most cost effective tool system on the planet.

With that in mind, Festool, like all premium quality brands, requires a sales partner with knowledge and understanding, care and real passion in order to take care of its current and prospective customers correctly. Enter Top Dog Tool Shop. With over 50 years of power tool experience, a former Festool team member and a company that exists to represent the best power tool brands, Top Dog Tool Shop leads the South African market in retailing Festool tools. We don’t live for a sale. We live for our customers. Your journey from a simple idea to woodwork, all the way to servicing a 30 year old Festool track saw is our business.

Whether you are new to Festool, or a decades-long user of the brand, we welcome you to the Top Dog Tool Shop family. While there are many places to purchase your Festool tool, there is only one shop that knows Festool best, has the answers to your questions and has you looked after for as long as your Festool tool lives (and that’s a very long time). Top Dog Tool Shop & Festool. The ultimate partnership for your perfect Festool shopping experience.



So compact that it fits into a Systainer. It’s just as versatile in use, as it is tremendously convenient in its size. Make parallel cuts of up to 280 mm, cross-cut widths of up to 450 mm and angled cuts of -2° to 47°.  The 2x 18 V dual battery system in combination with the brushless EC-TEC motor will impress you with its power and torque – you won’t notice any difference compared with mains-powered machines.

Coming Soon

CXS 18 C 3.0 PLUS Cordless Drill


Light, compact and impressively powerful, the FESTOOL Cordless Drill CXS 18 C 3.0-Plus 576883 is your ideal helper for a wide range of everyday tasks. Numerous attachments solve the most difficult applications, perfect even for narrow spaces or corners.

Just Arrived

TXS 18 C 3.0 Cordless Drill Set


Super compact. Surprisingly powerful – The TXS 18 will impress you with its combination of a small, light design with full 18 V power. This compact screwdriver displays its qualities daily as a practical, powerful companion for almost all applications.

Just Arrived



Comes With

  • foldaway legs
  • swivel unit
  • support unit
  • angle stop
  • adjustable stop
  • guide rail FS 1080/2
  • deflector FS-AW
  • additional clamp

TS 60 KEBQ-PLUS Circular Saw


  • Unique KickbackStop
  • Greater cutting depth
  • Cross cuts reimagined
  • Constant cutting power
  • Exact cuts at any angle
  • Easier blade changing
  • Exact depth setting
  • Maximum flexibility


good enough for us"

The ambition to make something perfect and to produce tools of excellent quality. This is what we mean when we say ‘typically Festool’. And this is also typical of our region, full of world market leaders and hidden champions, where Swabian inventiveness, down-to-earthness and the highest quality awareness lead to unique products and services.

“We learn from the best

We learn from you"

Festool means first-class power tools. With the claim that they make the everyday work of tradespeople easier, more productive and safer. We can only do that together with you. By communicating with each other openly and incorporating your feedback directly into the development of our products. Your success is the best praise.


get it done"

SYSTAINER, power tools, mobile dust extractors: We bring together what belongs together – cleverly and uniquely. Under the motto “Systems get it done. Perfect in every way.”, we develop our storage and organisation system meticulously – of course still with an uncompromising quality standard. Accessories, consumables and tools are perfectly co-ordinated with each other, down to the finest detail. This results in a streamlined work process for our users, which enables fast and productive work, prevents idle times and reduces the amount of reworking. 


cannot be taken for granted."

The same applies to our power tools: In every development stage, our products are subjected to tough, week-long practical tests in our company’s own testing laboratories and test stations. This allows us to find and eliminate even the smallest of weaknesses long before the series production stage – quality comes at a cost for a reason. It is also no coincidence that many Festool customers are still working with tools that they have already been using for over 30 years.