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Shop the best range of Turner Morris tools, equipment and generators online at Top Dog Tool Shop. Turner Morris has established itself as one of the brand leaders in the Power Generation, Surveying, Construction, Agricultural and Cleaning sectors. Its reputation for high-quality equipment, specialised tools, durable machinery and excellent service backup are major reasons for its success.

Look here for your Turner Morris Concrete Mixer, Concrete Saw, Plate Compactor, Fire Fighter, Drive Unit, Contractors Rammer, Pedestrian Roller, Power Float, Trash Pump, Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Scrubber. The large variety of construction tools and equipment will suit your needs.

Turner Morris has a full range of Generators including Petrol Generators, Diesel Generators, Silent Generators, Inverter Generators, 3-Phase Generators and Standby Generators.

In addition, they provide a wide range of surveying equipment like Total Stations, Dumpy Levels, Automatic Levels, Electronic Theodolites, Measuring Staff, Concrete Test Hammers, Rotating Lasers and Measuring Tapes.

The extensive catalogue will appeal to anyone in the construction, woodworking, metalworking, farming, cleaning and DIY industries. Our selection includes all of the top tools like the THPC80HC Plate Compactor, TM65 Concrete Mixer Kit, SDG8000SE Silent Diesel Generator, FPG2800 Petrol Generator and the AFM R426 Floor Scrubber and Polisher.

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