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The light to the tool.

Developed to the same high standard that we have also defined for our tools. And with the aim of guaranteeing excellent lighting in every situation for perfect results. The SYSLITE provides homogeneous and even lighting and appreciates daylight.

  • Various battery charge options for the internal 7.2 V battery for maximum operational readiness
  • Huge scattering angle of 170°
  • Long life and robust thanks to shatter-proof housing
  • Compact design – can be flexibly positioned without cable hazards
  • Festool battery packs can also be inserted for an even longer operating life
  • Heat-insulated moulded recess to protect the user and light
  • Excellent light thanks to 12 high-performance LEDs
  • Long lighting duration thanks to high-performance li-ion battery with 7.2 V / 2.9 Ah
  • Universal spherical head with magnet and clamp attachment

Main applications

  • Precise work through broadly diversified, homogeneous lighting on medium-sized areas
  • 2-in-1 adhesive spherical head for fixing the work lamp SYSLITE KAL II using integrated permanent magnet or Festool guide rail clamp
  • Equipped for all options: The SYSLITE KAL II can be connected in an instant to typical stands using a magnetic spherical head and flat disc

Additional information

Weight1.57 kg
Dimensions16 × 14 × 23 mm

Product Highlights

Achieve ideal results more quickly:

No laborious transport and setup of working lights. Thanks to compact dimensions and extensive light dispersion, ideal for difficult to access places as well.

Convenient and safe:

Can be flexibly positioned and combined during battery operation without causing a tripping hazard. Heat-insulated pistol stock protects against burning.

Systems get it done:

Can be connected to standard tripods thanks to the magnetic spherical head and tripod adapter.

Product Details


Exceptional light output

Available in many installation and mounting positions: The SYSLITE KAL II lights up the darkest of corners up to 769 lumen. The housing is made from shatter-proof, shock-proof and impact-resistant cast aluminium – durable enough for any construction site. The light dispersion angle of 170° ensures extensive, homogeneous illumination of the workspace.

Flexible mounting positions

The SYSLITE KAL II has a different angle support on each side for adjustment of the light dispersion angle. It is positioned securely, can be hung on the shatterproof universal hook or can be used as a stationary light on the standard tripod socket.

Even more variable light positions

The “magnetic spherical head” accessory makes many other lighting positions possible. Can be attached to all metallic, magnetic surfaces and, if the Festool FS fastening clamp is used, it can also be secured to all other non-metallic surfaces. The magnetic holding force is 16 kg. Thanks to the rubberised foot element, there are no signs of abrasion.

Precision work

The SYSLITE KAL II turns dark surfaces into work surfaces with homogeneous, extensive illumination. The housing is used as a reflector surface, producing a huge light dispersion angle of 170°. By way of comparison, torches achieve 5° and conventional working lights 30°.

Power supply using an integrated system

Four energy sources guarantee uninterrupted work with the SYSLITE KAL II. Each SYSLITE KAL II has an integrated 7.2 V Li-ion battery with 2.9 Ah, a mains charger adapter for 230 V and a car charger adapter. Furthermore, all Festool 18 V battery packs (with the exception of Ergo battery packs) can be quickly and easily connected.

Made for construction sites

The housing is composed of shatter-proof, shock-proof and impact-resistant cast aluminium. The generous grip plate is thermally insulated to protect the user and the light. The SYSLITE KAL II is also cordless, resulting in fewer tripping hazards on the construction site.

Items Included & Packaging

  1. 230 v adapter
  2. car charger adapter
  3. integrated lithium-ion battery 7.2 V
  4. integrated lithium-ion battery 7.2 V
  5. transport bag
  6. in self servicr display pack


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